Sardar Aproved Weapons List - Ver 12.5 - 8th May 2012

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Sardar Aproved Weapons List - Ver  12.5 - 8th May 2012 Empty Sardar Aproved Weapons List - Ver 12.5 - 8th May 2012

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Sardar Approved Slave weapons


[EZ] Broom
Selen Frog
Markz McMahon
Primus Stick
Larion Rhode
SWS ( Braydon Randt )
GTS weapon/design
Norton Burns (Angels & Daemons )


Alika Sao
Primus Rocks
Primus throwing Sticks
Larion Rhodes
Naama Easterwood, Birdy Windstorm
SWS ( Braydon Randt )
VS Designs ( Vault Story )
GTS weapon/design
Norton Burns (Angels & Daemons )

Approved Blowpipes/blow guns:
Blowguns may fire at 11%splash 14% Direct
Alika Sao
SWS ( Braydon Randt )
Larion Rhodes
GTS weapon/design
Doomsayer Inc - Yavin Miklos


Larion Rhode Sling Shot
All Primus slave weapons
All EZ slave weapons
Alika Sao Slave Weapons
Soups Up all
All GTS weapon/design
Norton Burns (Angels & Daemons ) All

Sardar and Essex Kurii/larl weapons list

They may also use Kurii specific weapons by the following makers.

*** Appoved Kurii Weapons Makers ***
Alika Sao Weapons
Primus Weapons
EZ Weapons
wicked Swashbuckler (WBCC Weapons)
Rhubardin Fluffball (Ordo Kivsungai)

Approved Larl / Beast weapons
Slydel Rau Beast claws version 3.3 or higher
GTS Weapons

*** Approved weapons Free Persons List***

-AKWeapons Resident ( AKWeapons ) Bows Only
-Alika Sao / Danna Ewing (Alika Sao Weaponry) All
- Alexis Blanchard ( H.A.B.W.A.D. ) Bows only v1.7 or higher
-Alvar Nurmi (Weapons by AN)
-Arcturus Itano (Infinity Weapons) Bows issue 3.3 or higher
-Braydon Randt (SWS) Bows and Melee
-centipedeweapons residant, kendra zaurak ( Centipede Weapons ) All
-claera resident-Claire Wendel II ( [RONIN] ) All
-Cris Campese & Ju Darkfire ( JC Shark ) Bows Only
-Cruz Shipley & Harvest Dezno ( Epic Arenal ) Bows only
-CryArmory Fang ( =Cry Weaponry= ) Bows only
-Dromar Demonista & Xxandera Voom ( DD weapons ) All
-Doremi Ultsch (Melody Weapons - ) Bows V10 or higher All
-Didro Ultsch (Arena Weapons) Bows only
-Eve Mikazuki swords must be issue 2.2 or higher
-Eternal Stillwater Black Ort ( Eternal Armoury ) All
-FataPussy Farrjones ( FATA Weapons ) All
-Gek0 Auer ([GKzero] Weapons & Design) Melee only
-Grave Revnik ( Wyvern weapons ) All
-Gwillym Wycliffe (2tone Traders) Melee Only
-Grave Revnik ( Knights Innovations Armory )
-Heather Rau (Black Orchid)
-Hamlet Hellershanks - (Totem Inc) - Melee must hit with {TO} identifier
-Homie Kungfu - (G-Spot)
-HZ Engineer - ( HZ Weapons )
-Ice Bradley (Wrecked) - melee only
-Irvin Schnyder - melee only
-Jake Molinaro - ( Ancient Builds ) Bows and Melee
-Jaraziah Lowell - Jara Creations
-jewell dagger ( Primal ) Melee only
-kendra zaurak, centipedeweapons residant ( Centipede Weapons ) All
-Kaoru Slade & Silvia Hawks (Panther Gears) Bows Only
-Kye Fhang (F D Weapons)
-Larion Rhodes weapons ( Elle Erre (LR) weapons ) All
-Larah Oh (Larah's bows) Bows only
-Larmen Capra ( FLP Weapons ) Bows only
-Leanne Woodward (Bows Navar 1.61 scripted and later)
-Lucius Obviate ( Sigil Foundry ) Melee only
-Luxor Barbosa, Harley Mullery ( Luxory Weapons ) 3.0 or higher bows only
-Marcomr2 Zenovka - (Outcast weaponary ) swords only
-Markz McMahon 9.81 bow issue or higher All
-Malice Vieria
-Naama Easterwood, Birdy Windstorm ( Sibudu Cave Creations ) Bows only
-Navar Harbinger and Stormie Frua (Navar & Stormie Designs) Bows Only
-Nephtides Resident ( SteelSleen ) Swords only
-Norton Burns (Angels & Daemons ) All
-Osith Emmons, Deccan Arida, Romper, JJames [Ancient Lore] All
-Patrik Ling ( TL Designs )
-P373R Kappler, Noreia Owen ( P3 weapons ) All
-Petite Pixie (Bosk's Emporium) Melee only
-Rhubardin Fluffball (Ordo Kivsungai) (Saddlebow of the skies not allowed)
-Romper Barbosa & JJames Alter (EZ Weapons) - melee must be 2.6 or higher
-Sephiroth Juran (Medusa Weapons) swords only
-Sindra Aquila ( AGNI Weapons )
-Spider Carnot ( SPIDER PRODUCTIONS ) Melee only
-sweety Wardark ( Sweety Weapons Style ) all
-Tala Nagy (Tala's weapons & specialities)
-Tommy Burton Tetsuia Kohime Nacho Rajal ( GTS GTS weapon/design)
-Thord Karu (Primus Weapons)
-Triton Paine ( IPWN)
-Vault Story ( VS Designs )
-vo0d0o Fhang Tungsten Inventor ( Vo-Fhang Weapons ) All
-wicked Swashbuckler (WBCC Weapons)
-Willy Marjeta ( WiMa Weapons ) Bows only
-Yavin Miklos ( DoomSayer Inc ) Bows and Melee ... Melee v1.6 or higher

*** Approved Shields****
All Above Maker in main List
Atano Anatra
Bye Charisma

***Approved Fist fight/unarmed combat****
Alika Sao
Larion Rhode v1.05
H&S(navar) 4.0 or higher.

***Approved Blowpipes/blow guns: ****
Blowguns may fire at 11%splash 14% Direct

Alika Sao
SWS ( Braydon Randt )
Larion Rhodes
GTS weapon/design

***Approved Balista***
Arbilist by Tommy Burton Tetsuia Kohime Nacho Rajal ( GTS GTS weapon/design )

*** Suspended ***
Due to not being able to purchase anymore no in sl shops or weapons available to purchase on marketplace

Anhandreu Riederer (True Swinesty/AC creations)
All Paule & Soozie Nirpaw ( A&S WEAPONS )
Slip Barrett (Weapons of the Warlord)
Fire Fray, Raul Darkthief. ( Nihil Creations ) All

*** Banned Weapons ***

Any Custom weapons not readily available to public
No Cakes, Muffins, Larma, fish, food items as weapons
-Phantom Radikal ( Radikal Dezigns ) refusal to supply uptodate issue weapon for testing.
Navar Harbinger All Melee
- - PAC - ( PAC hit )
No XX weapons XXander snook
TCJ weapons
H&J Swords
Jenny Cioc & Greyhound Burt ( DM Weapons )
Jeremia Kalinakov & Lavaandarr Lewinter ( LJ Creation ) All
Catania Weapons
Nightmare Weapons
Any weapon with Friendly fire Feature

all bows on list were tested to 2.8.1 weapons guide ( same as 3.1.5) as a minimum.
New Makers and Weapons with VALID raised issues will be tested to the latest GM stats. Plus latest sardar testing nc at the time of tests.

Notes to weapons makers
Though we do not agree 100% with auto click melee or multi scripted arrows we will allow them in sardar and associated sims.
Arrows may have a maximum of 2 scripts inside them. We will monitor all arrows now and any found to be causing problems with the sim performance will result in the removal of the weapons till the problem is identified.

Issue Number is Year.Month. and if needed issue that month
we will try to do only 1 update a month if needed.

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