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Post  Admin on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:25 am

Another report came out. Names listed of the griefers.

Please File An Abuse Report on this Griefer.

Abuser Name: Jacko Millet

Summary: Excessive Griefing by a series of alts over several weeks.

Details: Main avatar is Jacko Millet, Alts that have griefed us: Kaoru Larnia, jacko millet, ricky benoir,Vitess Albert, DragonFate, JackBlades Snowpaw, lavaandarlewinter resident, PeachyCream Resident, Joshbroden Resident, loki Grau, rlfdyghh resident, tqcqbihy resident, qwerrry resident, yvgjkogp resident.

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