Lesson 1 - Introduction to Combat in SL

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Lesson 1 - Introduction to Combat in SL Empty Lesson 1 - Introduction to Combat in SL

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 19, 2012 1:36 am

Second Life was never meant to be a first-person shooter gaming environment. So, it's not set up to accommodate this activity. Since we do it anyway, in an environment not made for it, it's important to know what factor affect gaming in SL and what we can reasonably do to gain advantage.

a) What are the biggest factors affecting SL First-Person Shooter Games?

In approximate order of importance, they are:

1) Your connection speed, but, particularly your up/download balance.
Cable-based systems are VERY fast downloading, but comparatively slow uploading. Satellite systems have the same problem, but much worse. In such systems, by the time you shoot and your arrow reaches the target, he/she might be - in real time - halfway across the sim!

2) The amount of RAM in your computer. SL is a RAM hog!

3) The speed and amount of RAM in your video card.

4) Your CPU type, core depth (as in "dual-core") and speed.

5) The number of open programs (parasite loads) on your computer stealing RAM and CPU time from SL.

6) The resolution of your input device. For example, I use a "Razer Pro v1.6" 1600 dpi mouse. Older, less resolute mice, may "skip" as you point.

7) The programmability of your input device. On my "Razer Pro v1.6" I can program most of the settings I need for combat into the extra buttons, cutting vital seconds off my response time.

Cool Your trained and developed hand-eye coordination in the use of your weapon.
Here, I refer to your movement - on the run - and your accuracy WHILE MOVING.

9) Your tactics and strategy, including:
- choice of arrow,
- the ability to change weapons quickly in battle (for example, to go from Bow to Spear and back),
- the ability to make use of cover,
- the ability to work in teams

10) The kind of combat "theater" in which you are operating. Is it wide open? Is there cover? Are you assaulting a fortress? Is your fortress being assaulted? Is your camp wide open to attack?

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