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Turn Off Typing Animation Empty Turn Off Typing Animation

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:05 am

This file explains how to access some of the advanced controls in
your User Interface (UI). It also demonstrates a practical use for
having that access. It does not attempt to explain or document
any of the other features that become available. See other
files available in the Secrets Menu for more about those new

Step One: Press Ctrl-Alt-D

This will bring up a DialogBox so you can give your permission
to add the new features to your MenuBar. The new features
are two menus named "Client" and "Server". Agree to the
request and the menus will be added.

Step Two: Call up "Debug Settings"

Under the "Client" menu, near the bottom, is an item named
"Debug Settings". Select that option and a DialogBox will

Step Three: Enter "playTypingAnim" in the EditBox.

This word will probably complete itself after only a few key-
strokes. Be sure, though, that it is the correct setting name.

Step Four: Set the Value in the Selector to FALSE

Clicking on the Selector at the bottom of the DialogBox
will bring up a sub-menu with the options, "TRUE" and
"FALSE". Set the value to "FALSE" to change this setting.

Step Five: Close the DialogBox

Step Six: Say something aloud and watch your Avatar.



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