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Post  Admin on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:47 am

Your AO needs to be modifiable.
(Or atleast the HUD itself needs to be in order to play with it)

First go where you can unpack things!

Detach your ao.

Place it on the ground.
It will look just like it does on your screen but tiny.

If you can, make a copy!!

Now "edit" it.

Open the 5th tab over "Content"

There should be a card in there called "Default"
Open this.

Don't be scared!

Now you will see an area that has things such as "Sitting" "Walk"
This is where you add your animations.

If you can rename your animations it may be easier for you.

Example, my ao:


Important: Do NOT put in spaces, and add the loop- |
This is the key above enter when you press shift.


Now drag over the animation you added to your edited 'contents" folder.
Give it a moment to appear.
You may need to scroll down to see it.

Now you're set.
Pick it up and attach it.

It should have a menu.
To activate your new animations you need to LOAD the DEFAULT card you edited.

Now if your AO was copiable, you can have a look at the animations if you like and decide which ones you want and don't want.
To do that:
Drop the AO on the floor again, select "open" and copy to inventory.

You can now go through each one by selecting to "Play in World"

If you want to remove something, just go through the steps as before,
but remove the name from your default notecard and then delete it also from your contents
And then LOAD the default again when you reattach it.

This is loads of fun when you get the hang of it.
Remember, if you make a copy you can just rename the version you're making "MY AO" or what you like and come back to it later if it frustrates you!!

P.s. This place has animations for 8-12L$
But if you can go when less people are online you'll do much better!!
It's very popular and can get very laggy.


Many Thanks to Violet Mafia

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