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Nirans Viewer

"A Viewer aimed at High-End users for Photography and Machinima, featuring some of the most important updates, and always strives to be as most up to date as possible with a lot of updates, recommended for users that don't fear downloading a new version every week, day and sometimes even hours.

Local Bitmaps 3.0
Chat Range ring
Direct Delivery
Mouselook grabbing/touching
Custom Animation speeds
Custom Camera Rotation angles
Easy-to-access Camera Preset Controls
Enhanced Shooter/RPG feeling
Pie Menus
Autohide Chat
Streaming Music Info
Neck & AV Center Attachments
Maths in Build floater
Underwater Distortion
Qarls aligning Tool
Qarls Mesh Deformer (Optionally)
Additional Sky Windlight Presets
Temporarly Derender
Proxy 5 Options
Right click get UUID
Skin Selection
FPS Counter in Topbar
Blinn Phong Specular
SLURLs Names in most places
Completly new custom Sky and Water Presets
Right arm motion editing
Simple Radar with Minimap , Distance and Typing indicator
2 High Quality Skins (1 from scratch) + 1 3. Party
RLVa Support
SSFUI (Super Smooth Flexible User Interface)
Extreme customisation in UI
Preferences with a huge list of additional Options "

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