Free Weapons, Where and How?

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Free Weapons, Where and How? Empty Free Weapons, Where and How?

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:21 pm

1. VF Weapons (VoFhang) - Free Cheapsteak Bow when camping for 20 minutes

2. LR Weapons - Free Bow of Corcyrus when camping for 15 minutes

3. LR Weapons - Corcyrus Tournament Sword when camping for 30 minutes

4. GTS Weapons - Holy Sword, Dare Devil Bow, Snow Ball Thrower, Carved Bow and Elvish Bow :: Free Gift with Group Tag

5. Markz Weapons - Markz Bow with Hud when camping for 150 minutes

6. Fata LTD - Tule Sword, Tule Bow for 20L each. Available shields for 50L.


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