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Second Life Viewers ➩ Exodus Viewer

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 25, 2012 11:13 pm

Exodus Viewer Website

Exodus Viewer is the jaguar of third party viewers for gamers. Filled with enhanced options to make your combat more thrilling counting always with a maximum performance. The format of this viewer is side by side with the Second Life Viewer 3 but expect to see more cool features! If you have a top of the line computer and you pew pew all the time..this viewer is for you.

"Exodus Viewer is a new flavour of the Second Life Viewer 3 series, packed with useful features to enhance the experience and competitive play in Second Life. Photographers, roleplayers, fighters and virtual sport stars will benefit from a viewer designed for maximum performance! Exodus Viewer also packs some cool visual effects that are perfect for photographers and machinema film makers."


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